Expansion Joints

Advanced EMR

Elastomeric In Metal Runners

The Advanced EMR Expansion Joint is a surface mounted mechanical system, with an elastomeric insert between two metal runners or carrier rails. It is unique in that the rails which house the insert are set into a rapid curing elastomeric resin compound known as Advanced EMR Mortar.

Anchorage to the deck is achieved through the excellent bonding qualities of the polyureide resin, without the need for any mechanical fixings. The system has an unrivalled worldwide track record of in service-performance in excess of 30 years.

System Benefits

  • Adaptable to numerous applications
  • Excellent bond strength and versatility
  • Unparalleled track record
  • Rapid on site assembly
  • Minimal disruption to traffic
  • Minimised future maintenance costs
  • Easy to install and detail at the design stage

The Advanced EMR Maintenance

The system is ideally suited for maintenance schemes to replace other failed joint systems.

The benefits of rapid on site assembly allow phased working outside peak traffic hours resulting in minimum traffic disruption which results in a significant saving of associated traffic management costs. The track record of the system ensures that future maintenance costs are minimised.


  • Bridges
  • Roads

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