Expansion Joints

Advanced NJ

Preformed Nosing Joint

The Advanced NJ expansion joint is a surface mounted nosing joint with an elastomeric compound known as Advanced EMR Mortar.

THE NJ system is registered with Highways Agency, the Scottish Office and the Welsh Assembly Office. The Highways Agency BD 33/94 Joint Type 4 refers.

The capacity for movement depends on the size and nature of compression seal. It is resistant todamage from normal traffic loads and accommodates movement associated with changes in temperature, articulation from load, creep and shrinkage. It is normally laid in the same plane and as a continuation of the road and bridge surfacing ensuring good riding qualities.

System Benefits:

  • No mechanical fixings
  • Rapid installation
  • Accepts horizontal and vertical movements
  • Minimised installation 
  • Low future maintenance costs
  • Excellent track record


  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Footbridges

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