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Pitchmastic PmB Make Reorganisational Changes For The UK Market

Pitchmastic PmB Limited; one of the world's foremost structural waterproofing companies has been associated with the construction and civil engineering industry for well over 60 years with its origins firmly in the infrastructure sector. Throughout its history there have been several changes to the organisation, product range and service portfolio ensuring the company remains at the forefront of technology.

Since the acquisition by our ultimate parent company RPM, Pitchmastic PmB Limited has seen changes in both market presence and geographical expansion which has lead to exciting opportunities and significant growth to the business. Pitchmastic PmB Limited has grown globally whilst always maintaining its home market as the cornerstone.


As a result of economic changes Pitchmastic PmB Limited has experienced significant  growth in the private sector, rail and international infrastructure, whilst budgetary challenges by our governmental clients has impacted our approach in the UK bridge and highways sector. In response to this shift on demand Pitchmastic PmB Limited has decided to carry out some changes to ensure its business remains in a strong position going forward.


Therefore from June 2014, Pitchmastic PmB Limited will be withdrawing from the UK Contracting market to concentrate its efforts on the formulation and manufacture of its structural protection product portfolio. This will increase the market presence of its key branded products : PmB, Blueshield and Deck Protect + and our range of mechanical expansion joints market in the UK, and will be delivered through its strategic UK partners and applicators, where considerable growth has already been experienced and is seen as key for the company's future expansion plans.


We are pleased to announce that Pitchmastic UK has signed a strategic alliance with the USL BridgeCare, USL StructureCare as well as maintaining our existing licenced applicator Waterseal to install the Pitchmastic PmB, Blueshield and PmB Deck Protect + waterproofing systems in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Therefore Pitchmastic PmB Limited and its world renowned products will continue to be available to our UK customer base and the message is clear that we are 'open for business as usual'.


It should be noted that these changes will not affect existing contractual arrangements or undertakings that are still in place and incomplete by 1 June 2014. Our management will be in close liaison with all customers to effect a smooth transition in this matter.


The Pitchmastic International division will continue to offer turnkey solutions for both material supply and installation, whether directly or via our approved local contracting partners, but will now be responsible for all export activities outside the UK for the whole of the Group product portfolio.


We consider these changes will make Pitchmastic PmB Limited stronger and will benefit not only the company but our long established customer base and we look now forward to the next 60 years.




Adrian Pike - Director