Car Park Waterproofing

Deck Protect+

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Structural Protection for Car Parks

DeckProtect+ is a comprehensive range of hybrid cold liquid applied systems that utilise the most effective technologies in car park protection today. All DeckProtect+ systems are designed by Pitchmastic PmB chemists to be safe and user friendly.


Unlike other systems, the DeckProtect+ suite of products combines Polyurethane (PU), Epoxy (EP), Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Polyaspartic (PA) technologies allowing specialist contractors to tailor a solution that meets all the requirements of a new build or refurbishment car park project.


DeckProtect+ has become the 'system of choice' for car park coatings throughout the UK, with over 250,000m2 installed in the last 3 years.


System Benefits:

• Tough and durable
• Exceptional crack bridging and elongation
• Fast curing - Ideal for a rapid return to service
• No requirement for secondary fleece or band coats
• Easy to clean
• Excellent skid resistance
• Low odour
• Quality aesthetics and colour range



*Substrates: Concrete, mastic asphalt & existing coatings

  • Exposed Car Park Decks
  • Internal Car Parks
  • Underground car parks (low odour)
  • Ramps & Turning Circles
  • Rooftop (over-occupied) car parks